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Sergeant Oil & Gas Co. Inc. (herein after SOG) was organized in September 1975 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Chemical Exchange Industries, Inc.  SOG's business strategy was to purchase and resell or blend and sell petroleum products.  The company expanded to fourteen employees with 15,000 barrels per day of products sold.  During the 1980's annual peak sales were US$165 million.  SOG blended and sold motor gasoline via barge, tanker and pipeline.  In addition SOG developed a substantial business in different grades of residual fuel oil and cutter (viscosity reducing) stocks.   Major fuel oil customers were electrical generating plants in Louisiana, Florida and Texas.  To augment its bottom of the barrel products SOG developed a product line of feedstocks which were sold to carbon black manufacturers, becoming the sole supplier to certain plants.  On the lighter end of the hydrocarbon spectrum, SOG installed gathering pipelines for natural gas, which was sold and delivered to industrial customers in Texas and Louisiana.  SOG established contacts, sold and exported carbon black feedstocks to manufacturers in Japan.  In addition to its domestic sales, SOG sold and marketed products in the international market which were produced by its sister companies in Chemical Exchange Industries.  Substantial sales and exports of crude butanol were established with companies in China.

When Chemical Exchange was reorganized into two separate entities in 1994, SOG was acquired by a private trust and reorganized as Sergeant Enterprises Inc.  The name Sergeant Oil & Gas Co. Inc. was retained and registered as a d.b.a. in the State of Texas.  Joe B. Durrett was retained as its President.  The initial major activity of Sergeant Enterprises for the next five years was devoted to a project for the development, manufacture and sale of a "realistic firelog" for homeowner consumption. The firelog project was a technical success with the odor and flame of wood logs burning.  A manufacturing facility was erected in Dallas, Texas.

In the last five years, SOG has developed its aviation gasoline exporting business as an unbranded dealer for Phillips 66 Company. SOG purchases and exports aviation gasoline and trades in motor fuels (gasoline and diesel) and residual fuels. In July 2010, the business was strengthened and enhanced with the addition of Charles and Brant Durrett taking over the major responsibilities of operating the company.

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This article was published on Monday 01 November, 2010.

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