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Sergeant Oil & Gas, a Texas based company founded in 1976, is an unbranded dealer for several global manufacturers. We are a direct distributor, selling aircraft fuel internationally while still allowing you to avoid the middleman process. Our Avgas 100LL is guaranteed to meet or exceed the ASTM D910-02 and UK DEF STAN 91-90 standards globally, ensuring top-quality fuel for your aircraft.

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Aviation gasoline, commonly known as "avgas", and jet fuel are two different types of petroleum-based fuel used to power airplanes and other crafts. Piston-engine general aviation aircraft use aviation gasoline because it's typically higher quality and often contains additives that reduce the risk of icing or explosion due to extreme temperatures. Aviation gasoline is sold in much lower volumes to individual aircraft owners, flight schools, military and small airlines, whereas jet fuel is sold in high volumes to large aircraft operated typically by airlines, military, and large corporate aircraft companies. Aviation gasoline does have a low flashpoint, making it dangerous and highly flammable. It must be handled with special care and transported in special containers when shipped. At Sergeant Oil & Gas, we focus exclusively on aviation gasoline to ensure quality services. Contact us for your AVGas needs.

Avgas 100LL Direct Distributor

Avgas 100LL is one of four grades of avgas and is used primarily as fuel for piston-powered craft due to its low flashpoint. Avgas 100LL is a high-octane gasoline which allows a powerful piston engine to burn its fuel efficiently, a quality called "anti-knock" because the engine does not misfire, or "knock." The suffix LL (which stands for Low Lead) describes a grade containing lower tetraethyl lead than a second grade of identical lean and rich mixture ratings. Avgas 100LL is a blue liquid with a specific gravity of 0.68-0.74 @ 60ºF (15.6ºC). Sergeant Oil & Gas is a direct distributor of Phillips 66 company and we only sell Avgas 100LL that meets or exceeds the ASTM D910-02 global standards. If you have any further questions, give us a call at 713-266-5778 today!